“Wächterwichtel” (Warden Imp), painting in pastels and acrylics

“Gabriel Bur combines, leads his figures, playfully, lets (our perception) play ... His used colours, materials, forms appropriate a new design, create their own dimensions in the picture.” Jana Ritter, art scholar

The artist demonstrates to visitors that the light in the picture comes from the painting itself and not from the spotlights on the gallery ceiling. The photo shows the exhibition of Gabriel Bur’s “Cutenesses - Schnuffigkeiten” at the off-Galerie, Berlin-Wedding, 2007.

Photo by Lothar Bladt, Berlin 2007

Gabriel Bur develops his works from a very individually worked out plasticity of the respective material, whereby the theme of the concept independently seeks out its materials and colours for the work. The traditional pictorial space gets a depth, which can not be explained solely from bizarre – yet familiar, colours, materials or “usual” background design.

In the following you can see the process of the painting "Wächterwichtel":


The finished artwork and Gabriel Bur in front of his Warden Imp painting:


Warden Imp

Pastels, acrylics on canvas


The Artist

The visual artist Gabriel Bur
Photo by Andrea Speer, Berlin 2016

The visual artist Gabriel Bur, student of Anna Adam and Beuys scholar of the second generation. Fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting; experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur is visual artist. This website shows a selection of his works in fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting, experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur

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