Inclined to the time – the floating.

It is time
in this day and age
no one has time
does not take time.
It is time
in the timely today
Time has neither
Time takes no one.

No time is on everyone's lips.
Has it truly become a fleeting number in the display of the timekeepers.
One speaks of no time.
Unconsciously aware, one nourishes no time, so that being demands time.
But time is too fast and too slow.”

Gabriel Bur, 2004



Gabriel Bur’s Time Objects were first presented in January 2005. As setting, the visual artist chose the premiere celebration for the launch of the new Škoda Octavia Combi at Eduard Winter’s Škoda Centrum Berlin in Berlin-Charlottenburg. From 1992 to 2017, the Saar-born artist lived and worked in Berlin, where he created most of his works.

For this exhibition, an unusual hanging was created in which the topographical reliefs and sculptural assemblages on the sense of time floated above the exposed automobiles in the salesroom of the car dealership. With this "flying" presentation of his "time art", the artist demonstrated the omnipresence of time in our lives, intangible and yet constantly present.

The car as a medium of transport and consumer good can be interpreted as the epitome of time in front of the interrogation "How does man spend his time? Freedom? Traffic jam? Hectic?". Ask yourself the question "What does independent mobility mean?“

Gabriel Bur and his Topography Of A Year
2005 @ Eduard Winter, Berlin, Germany


Timeinclination. Topography of time
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The Artist

The visual artist Gabriel Bur
Photo by Andrea Speer, Berlin 2016

The visual artist Gabriel Bur, student of Anna Adam and Beuys scholar of the second generation. Fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting; experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur is visual artist. This website shows a selection of his works in fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting, experimental arts.

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